What Can I Expect to Pay for a Metal Roof in Atlanta?

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Are you considering a new metal roof installation for your home in Atlanta? Metal roofing has grown in popularity in recent years because of its long lifespan, energy efficiency, and long-lasting durability against harsh weather such as harsh winds and hail storms.

Before you upgrade your roofing, it’s important to understand the cost factors and types of metal roofing materials that are available in Atlanta.

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New Metal Roof Cost in Atlanta

Generally, the cost of a new metal roof installation in Atlanta ranges between $6,500 to $35,000 depending on the metal system that you choose, installation expenses, and the size of your home. Per square foot, you’re looking at $6.50 to $10.00. On average, you can expect to pay around $20,000 for a new metal installation in the Atlanta area.

There are a variety of metal roofing styles and each of them has unique characteristics and advantages for your Atlanta home. If properly installed and regularly maintained, your new metal roof should last around 50 to 70 years, or more, in the Atlanta area. 

Popular Types of Metal Roofing in Atlanta 

Types of Metal We Use:

Aluminum: Strong & Lightweight

Are you looking for a metal roof that is energy-efficient and rust-proof? Then, aluminum roofing is for you. This lightweight metal roofing is cost-effective and recyclable.

Steel: Long Lifespan

If you want a metal roof that is sturdy, long-lasting, and visually appealing, then a steel metal roof is a great choice for Atlanta’s climate. It is highly resistant to denting and corrosion and tends to have a longer lifespan than other metal materials. Steel metal is weather-resistant and requires less maintenance than a lot of other roofing types.

Copper: Unique & Resistant

This type of metal offers a unique aesthetic and excellent durability, making it ideal for those looking to add a distinctive touch to their home. Copper is also resistant to fire, water, and mildew damage, providing an unbeatable level of protection.

Metal Roofing Systems We Install

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Corrugated Metal: Timeless & Robust Protection  

Are you looking for a roofing system that is low-cost, durable, and long-lasting? Then, a corrugated metal roofing system is a great choice for you! This system with a distinctive wavy pattern is easy to install and lightweight, making it a great choice for residential homes and properties in the Atlanta area. In addition, its unique design helps reduce energy costs by reflecting heat away from your home and allows for effective water shedding.

Standing Seam Metal: Sleek & Functional

A standing-seam metal roof has a sleek appearance and its interlocking vertical panel design means that it can stand against a variety of bad weather. Standing-seam metal roofing is a great choice if you want something with durability and a modern look.

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